About PhpWebStudy

PhpWebStudy is an open source, free personal project, created for PHP and Web engineers using MacOS systems for development, to provide a more simple and useful tool to manage the local server environment.

By integrating the tedious tasks such as start/restart commands for each software, configuration file viewing and modification, and log file checking into one software, developers can focus more on the real development work.

Some people may not trust this program, and I'd like to say this. As an independent developer. I am committed to protecting the privacy of my users. I promise that this program will not steal your privacy. This program does not upload anything anywhere. It can be tested by any person or organization.

The source code of PhpWebStudy is on Github, if you find the project helpful, please help star it, thanks!

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can ask Issues, and if you use QQ, you can scan the code to join the group. You can also send me e-mail, address: 250881478@qq.com

This site uses nestjs, nestjs-i18n, hbs, bootstrap and other technology stack production, the code has been open source, want to create a multilingual adaptive website, can be used as a reference

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